16. Amina Omar (Barin Kobane)

Barin Kobanê was born in the village of Qarn Kalbin in the Al-Bab region in the northern countryside of Aleppo in 1994.
She lived with her family in the city of Kobanê, she did not complete her middle school education and did not know anything about the world of politics or the military struggle, when the terrorist forces represented by ISIS entered the Kobanê area, her family was subjected to harassment and threats just because they were a response, so they kidnapped her father and did not release him until Barin’s family paid A ransom for the release of their father, so the Barin family was forced to flee to Afrin canton, and after the massacres that Shengal suffered, the assassinations and the captivity of women, Barin was affected by these massacres against Yazidi women, so Barin joined the Women’s Protection Units voluntarily to avenge them, so she realized at that time the meaning of defending the homeland and standing Together with its people, it realized the concepts and values ​​of democratic freedom, and fought ISIS in Kobanê and Raqqa.

Qurna village of Bulbula district in Afrin, Rojava, Northern Syria

February 1, 2018

Barin faced with all courage together with her companions Erdogan’s mercenaries in the village of Qurna and fought until the last moment. When they ran out of ammunition, she refused to surrender. Because she didn’t want to fall in the hands of the enemy alive, she fired a bullet of mercy on herself. After her dead body fell into their hands they stripped her of her clothes, and tore and mutilated her body.

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