The Kurdish Women’s Movement of Europe (TJK-E) was founded in 2014. It is the confederal association of Kurdish women and their friends who have been working in parts of Europe for decades. The TJK-E works with various women’s associations, institutions, parliaments, municipalities and initiatives on the basis of democratic principles. The work also includes cooperation with ethnic organisations, women’s platforms, NGOs and other democratic organisations.

TJK-E is involved in political, legal, social, cultural, economic, scientific and also educational areas in order to make the colour, voice and will of women visible. The aim is to create an awareness that goes beyond sensitisation to overcome patriarchal and sexist systems. Among other things, women’s academies are being established for this purpose. The topics on which work is being done are broadly diversified. The TJK-E is particularly concerned to uncover violence, crimes and murders especially against women and to fight against them democratically.

The TJK-E sees achievements and all feminist struggles of the last centuries as its heritage. TJK-E supports the democratic solution of the Kurdish question, social peace and shares a democratic, ecological world view. TJK-E is particularly concerned with the problems of Kurdish women in the diaspora, carries out studies and creates solution-oriented projects.

TJK-E sees itself as an organisation that fights against patriarchal systems, racism, militarism and the destruction of nature.