With this campaign, we want to expose and draw attention to the feminicidal policies of the AKP. We want to seek justice and demand a prosecution of Erdoğan. With this effort, we want to be the voice for all women in the world, who are subjected to violence and draw attention to all state crimes committed against women.

We want to put an end to the violence against women committed in the Turkish Republic on a feminicidal scale, where one woman is killed by male violence every day. 

With this campaign, we want Feminicide to be internationally recognized as a crime against humanity.  Add your signature to our demands. No passage to feminicide.

How to sign.
You can simply sign in the form below. Afterwards you will receive an email from us, which you please confirm, so that we know that everything is correct and afterwards we have one more signature on our way to the 100.000 🙂

Cómo adherir
Simplemente registrándote en el formulario a continuación. Posteriormente recibirás un correo electrónico desde nuestra casilla desde donde te solicitaremos la confirmación para saber que todo está correcto. De ese modo tu firma ya será parte del camino hasta llegar a las 100.000

Signatures collected by hand to condem the feminicidal policy: