Women’s campaign against occupation enters second phase

Our struggle continues: “No to occupation and genocide! We defend women and life!”

The women’s movement Kongra Star announced the continuation of the campaign “No to occupation and genocide! We defend women and life!”

The statement published by the Committee for the preparation of actions of women in North and East Syria on Saturday includes the following:

“Because human was created with the spirit of the women and because woman in her essence is the centre of the universe, she is the axis of nature, life and its continuity. She is the creator of a free and dignified life.
Since the emergence of societies at a time when the system of life was good and sustainable for a long time with the guidance of women, humanity has enjoyed and spent a flourishing life under her guidance.

This role and exceptional leadership within the society as well as preservation and transmission of knowledge was robbed from her by the systematic policy of male patriarchal mentality that developed in the early eras.

Nevertheless, women defended and preserved many principles and qualities for the protection of moral values and passed them on as their inheritance from one generation to the next, which continues to this day.
In our revolution, women have taken it upon themselves to regain the very things they lost in terms of their status and role in the construction of society, and to reformulate the process of liberation from this dominant and oppressive mentality. They have taken up the struggle to free themselves from the injustice and slavery they suffer from the occupation and genocide with its systematic violence against women’s minds and bodies. A struggle against this rape culture, the destruction of social values and brutal human rights violations in the occupied Syrian regions, especially in the north and east of Syria.

And because the authoritarian capitalist regimes are still continuing to break the will of societies by breaking the will of women and spreading this mentality in our societies, we are launching a second phase of our campaign under the slogan: “No to occupation and genocide, we will defend women and life!”. Its aim is to strengthen the struggle against occupation and genocide and to raise awareness and the strength of resistance against this mentality and system in order to defend and protect women, nature and human values one more time through education and awareness raising at all political, social, economic, and cultural levels.

The second phase of our campaign starts today on 17 January and will run until 17 April 2021 with a major programme designed by 30 women’s organisations and movements.”

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