07. Taybet Inan


The 57-year-old Taybet Inan was a mother of 11 children. She lived in the district of Silopi in Sirnak.


Silopi/Sirnak, Southeastern Turkey


19. December 2015


A curfew was imposed in the Silopi district of Sirnak on 14 December 2015. On the fifth day of the curfew, 57-year-old Taybet Inan was shot dead. From the time Inan was shot, she struggled for about 6 hours in the same place until she finally lost her life in the street. Taybet Inan’s body lay on the street for seven whole days. Her body could not be recovered because of the siege of the Turkish army, which was an obstacle for the emergency services. Relatives and acquaintances who tried to recover the body of 57-year-old Inan were also shot and attacked.

Current legal situation

No progress has been made in the legal process so far.

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