83. Şehriban Altınışık

Şehriban Altınışık was born in 1992 in Batıra village in Batman/Kurtalan. When she was just 2 years old, her family had to migrate from Kurtalan to Batman due to the pressure and torture imposed by the village guard system.Şehriban studied in Batman until the second year of primary school.  After staying in Batman for 5 years and settling in Istanbul with her family, Şehriban started political activities in the struggle for liberation after graduating from high school. Şehriban was later detained in Nusaybin. She was subjected to severe torture and held in Mardin E Type closed prison.Here are some of the writings Şehriban wrote in the notebook she kept during her imprisonment there: “I love life enough to die for its sake, as long as it is for the right reasons. Have you ever felt freedom, or have you ever felt freedom so close to you?” “Even if it is to avenge what was done to me, I will pity myself and organize more. I will fight more.” “No matter what happens, women will be liberated. Freedom is not only in the mountains, but in all areas of life. Women must be free.”

Sirnak, Southeastern Turkey


Şehriban was murdered in Şırnak during military siege of the city.

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