82. Rozerîn Çukur

17-year-old Rozerin Çukur lived in Diyabakır Sur. Rozerin, the child of a family of three, was a high school senior preparing for college. Rozerin drew paintings, wrote stories and took pictures. Her dream was to become a psychiatrist. 

Diyarbakir/Sur, Southeastern Turkey

January 8th, 2016 

Rozerin Çukur was killed on January 8, 2016, near Suleyman Nazif Elementary School in Fatihpasa District of Sur district. The corpses were removed from the district in May. The Çukur family gave blood samples to find their daughter. According to DNA-match-results from the Istanbul Forensic Medicine Authority on June 4th, Rozerin Çukur’s body has not been released among the close to 80 corpses that have been removed from the district so far. Rozerin’s corpse was delivered to the Çukur family six months after the incident. 

Current status 
While the murderers of Rozerin Çukur have not yet been brought before the judiciary, all applications by father Mustafa Çukur to find his daughter’s killers have been rejected. 5 separate investigations were opened against him and his wife because of the statements they made during the period when they could not receive their daughter’s body.

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