Rete Jin makes a Call

100 reasons and 100,000 signatures to prosecute Erdogan for its feminicidal policies! Rete Jin- women from Italy support the campaign.

100 reasons and 100,000 signatures to prosecute Erdogan

for its feminicidal policies! by Rete Jin

Dear comrades,

On November 25, the Kurdish Women Movement in Europe launched the 100 reasons to prosecute Erdogan campaign, which between now and March 8, 2021 aims to collect 100,000 signatures, which will then be delivered to the United Nations and other institutions international with evidence and details of the crimes committed by the Turkish regime against women, especially those who struggle and resist against patriarchal, state and capitalist oppression.

Under Erdogan’s dictatorship, crimes against women in Turkey have increased and are increasingly “normalized” thanks to sexist and patriarchal policies, and women activists and engaged in politics have been censored, imprisoned, murdered, made the subject of all sorts of oppression and violence.

It is time to define crimes against women for what they are: a system of warfare against one gender, both in conflict zones and in daily life as well as at work, at home, on the street. A war that is constantly waged on several levels: physical, military, psychological and ideological.

Violence against women is pervasive, accepted, often justified with laughable excuses such as the dress one wears; often these crimes are not recognized as such even in the courts. In war zones, women are systematically victims of rape, a way to annihilate a community psychologically and physically.

We ask you to support the campaign by signing it, circulating it through your contacts and advertising it on your platforms.

The women of TKJ-E count on our support and we on yours: only by united, feeling and actively taking part in the world confederalism of women, each and all with their own colors, their differences, their ways of fighting, will we be able to able to achieve liberation from the oppressions that as women we experience every day and share with our sisters around the world. This campaign is, in our opinion, an important piece of this unique and multiple struggle of resistance and liberation.

JIN Italy network

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