38. Remziye Bor

On 01.01.1988 Remziye was born in Hakkari’s Yüksekova district in the village of Kadya. Remziye, who married İrfan Bor in 2015, had to flee to Van after the city wars in Yüksekova began.

Van, Southeastern Turkey


On April 18, 2016, Remziye Bor was in her own home on Hisar Street in Van Ipekyolu when, without warning or report, a special police team broke down her door and burst in. The fire opened directly by the police injured Remziye Bor. She told the police with her hands still up that she was pregnant when she was wounded in the neck by police gunfire. Remziye Bor was held in her own home for 3 hours before she was taken to hospital, despite being seriously injured. There she was in intensive care for 28 days. The child in her belly was 7 months old and was saved by a caesarean section. Remziye Bor died of her injury in the intensive care unit.

Current legal situation
The complaint filed immediately after the incident was not even considered to identify the police officers, despite the fact that the operation was negligent and full of unlawful defects. These negligence and deficiencies are the reason for the death of a woman. The investigating authorities issued a decision not to prosecute and claimed that she had been killed by the Kurdish movement. A new investigation was opened following a request to open an investigation in 2019 to bring to justice the errors and those responsible. The investigation into the incident is still ongoing. Due to the violation of the right to life, individual applications are being made to the Constitutional Court on this issue.
In response to the renewed accusation and the decision of the investigation, it was said that the victim had been killed by the Kurdish movement and all further requests made to reveal the truth were rejected and the investigation was not prosecuted. After her death, Remziye Bor was declared a member of the PKK in order to justify her death. Remziye’s death was declared to be self-inflicted and all investigation work was stopped.

Remziye Boru’s husband was also convicted of membership of a terrorist organisation and has been in prison since the date of his wife’s death. He has lodged an appeal.

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