44. Narinç Ferhan Qasim

Narinç was born in 1991 in the village of Pîran in the region of Qilabana Şirnexê. At the age of 3 she was displaced from her home and became a refugee, and throughout all of her life was faced with difficult conditions and situations. She studied until high school. She completed most of high school, but was forced to drop out because of the difficulties faced by her family so that she could help her mother. The family grazed animals in the surroundings of the camp in order to generate income for the family.

Maxmur refugee camp, Northern Iraq

13th December 2018

On the 13th December 2018, warplanes of the occupying Turkish state bombed Maxmur refugee camp at night at 00:12am. During the airstrikes, warplanes were flying over the camp. The result of the bombing of the Turkish warplanes was that Asya Elî Mihemed, 73 years old; her daughter Narinç Ferhan Qasim, 26 years old; as well as her granddaughter Evîn Kawa Mehmûd, 14 years old, and a friend of her daughter, Eylem Mihemed Emer, who were looking after the herd animals where they are kept, were targeted by Turkish warplanes and all lost their lives in this incident.

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