31. Nadira Kadirova

Date of birth: 1996, Uzbekistan
Nadira needed a job to pay the fees and had to save money to prepare for the exam. During this time she started working as a caretaker at Şirin Ünal‘s house in Çankaya, Ankara. Her brother Muhammad Kadirova worked in Turkey as well. Other family members lived in Uzbekistan.

House of the AKP Istanbul deputy Şirin Ünal, Ankara, Turkey

23 September 2019

Nadira has been working as a caretaker at Şirin Ünal’s house in Ankara for about one year. She called her boyfriend before the incident and said that Şirin Ünal had harassed her. It is claimed that she committed suicide with the gun of Şirin Ünal on 23rd September around 9 pm.

Statement of the brother Muhammed Kadirova about the incident:
“She has been crying for days. She said: “If I talk, there will be consequences for me and us.“
The family, who continued her statement with the words “We went to the house where she worked to pick up her things”, also has doubts about it: “They did not let us into their room. They gave 3 packages containing her notebooks and books. Nadire kept a diary and even wrote down the tea she drank, the bagel she ate. We found all the logs. But the diary of her last days was not found in the boxes. “
Nadiras telephone was not handed over to the family either. Nadira had a special headset: “It was a special headset. She had it for her English lessons. She recorded every sound. This was not delivered to us “, said the family. Other family members who received the body in Uzbekistan found that the young woman also had a wound on her leg.

Current legal situation
The Ankara Prosecutor General’s Office concluded that Nadira “committed suicide” and decided that there was no room for prosecution. Ilyas Doğan, the family’s lawyer, filed an appeal with the Ankara Criminal Court, based on “both procedural and material deficiencies” that he noted in the file. According to the Forensic Medicine Report, PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) was found in samples from Nadira’s anal region. He demanded the initiation of a criminal prosecution on the charge of “sexual assault”. Despite all objections the case was closed as a suicide. Nadira’s lawyer stated that he would forward the file to the Constitutional Court.

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