29. Ipek Er

born on 20.04.2020

Êlih (Batman), Southeastern Turkey


Ipek Er was Kurdish and lived in Batman. She was only 18 years old when she took her own life after being raped by a Turkish sergeant.  In a farewell letter she had informed her family that she had been held prisoner, drugged and sexually abused by the non-commissioned officer Musa Orhan
for several days. On 18 August she died in hospital as a result of her suicide attempt.

Current legal situation
The perpetrator, an avowed supporter of the extreme right-wing “Grey Wolves”, was briefly arrested but was released because there was no danger of escape. The rape had been confirmed by a forensic
medical examination. Following massive protests by the population, Musa Orhan was arrested again on 19 August. A week later, however, he was released by court order.

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