In respectful and loving memory of Freshta Kohistani

We are thinking of you and we will continue to fight!

Every day we report on a case from our campaign. Every day we try to remember again the sacrifices that the women’s liberation struggle has demanded of us, so that we do not forget and allow ourselves to forget what kind of world we live in and what it means to fight as women against patriarchy. While we are doing this, the present keeps catching up with us. Today we are full of sadness and anger, the reason:
The targeted assassination of our sister and women’s rights activist Freshta Kohistani.

We will not allow what happened to perish. We will not allow such murders to become the norm. We are outraged, indignant and determined to continue. We will not accept living in a patriarchal system, but fight against it. For all our sisters who gave their lives in this resistance for a better future.

We are thinking of you and we will continue to fight!


100 Reasons
The Campaign Team

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