22. Hediye Şen

Hediye Şen was born on 1.05.1983 Eruh and taught in the Koran school. She had 3 children at the age of 3,6,9 years.

Cizre, Southeastern Turkey

December 16, 2015

On 16 December 2015 between 18 and 19 o’clock Hediye Şen has left the house. There were no confrontations in the area of her house at that time. In front of the house she was hit by 8 bullets from Turkish security forces. 6 bullets hit her in the face and neck area, 1 in the left shoulder and one in the right abdominal cavity. One of the bullets had cut her throat. For half an hour she struggled for breath and suffered, then she died. Her body had to stay in the yard all night because the called ambulance could not come and the family was not able to bring her to Dört Yol. When the Imam wanted to come to assist the family, he too was shot.
The husband describes the events as follows:
My wife went to the toilet on December 16, 2015 between 6 and 7 pm. There was no conflict in the area where our home was located. She wanted to get rid of my child’s dirt and went to the toilet in front of our house. As soon as my wife went out, the electricity was turned off. I heard her screaming and shots were fired. I could not understand. I jumped up and ran to her. I saw the last two bullets in the air. After I called the emergency and they didn’t come, I called the police and said “You shot my wife, come and get her”. They said, “We don’t come,” and hung up. I screamed, screamed, asked for help. Not even my neighbor came to help. The food that my wife had prepared was still on the stove. My wife was a Koran teacher. She gave religious education herself. It is impossible that they did not know that we were civilians. I went outside, screaming, shouting, asking for help, nobody came. My wife’s body remained in the garden until the morning. I stayed with my wife until morning. When we looked out in the morning, four cobra vehicles and three military vehicles, were standing in front of our house. We informed the Imam. The Imam tried to come. They also shot at him. Afterwards he met with the district governor. Based on information from the Imam and the District Governor, we put my wife in a pickup truck at 7:30 a.m. and drove to Nusaybin Street. We informed the authorities and waited. It was the Imam, me and 5-6 neighbors. They took my wife to the hospital. We buried her in Güçlükonak Damla Bas village. We couldn’t bury her in Cizre. They didn’t give us any autopsy reports or documents.”

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