From Helsingborg out to the world!

The power of women goes international! We know that we are one!

We started this campaign to highlight what it means for Kurdish women to live in the Turkish state under Erdogan. These conditions are everywhere. No nation state and no head of state tolerates the power and organisation of women and their visions for the future. But we continue to remember them and all the other women in the world who have lost their lives and been murdered in this struggle against patriarchy.

“I represent the Left Party in Helsingborg. There is another reason for Erdogan’s condemnation; the treatment of female prisoners in his country. Female prisoners are terrorised in a completely different way. For example, female prisoners are repeatedly subjected to naked searches by male guards.”
“I represent the Left Party in Helsingborg and support the struggle of our Kurdish women friends on this special day.
In particular, I support the 100 reasons for Erdogan’s condemnation . As socialists and human rights activists, this is our duty!”

Our sisters from Helsingborg send us solidarity and militant greetings and also emphasise that Erdogan and his feminicidal policies must be condemned!


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