20. Zehra Barkal

Name Zehra Barkal Biography Zehra Barkal, a member of the coordination of Kongra Star (Kurdish Women‘s Organisation in North and Eastern Syria) for the region in the Euphrates region, was born in 1987 and is from the city of Kobanê. She studied law at the University of Aleppo and from 2013 on she was one …

88. Zeynep Taşkın

Name Zeynep Taşkın, 17 years old Place Cizre, Southeastern Turkey Date 07.09.2015 Description Carried her baby in her arms when she was murdered by Turkish security forces in front of the house of relatives in Cizre in southeastern Turkey during the curfew on September 7, 2015. Her baby was injured. After your death became known, …

89. Zeynep Yılmaz

Biographyborn on 10.01.1977 in Şırnak, South-Eastern Turkey Date20.12.2016 PlaceCizre, South-Eastern Turkey DescriptionZeynep Yılmaz was shot from an armored car of the security forces.

79. Zulikhan Hasan Junaid

Biography Zulikhan Hasan Junaid from the village of Deir Sawan in the Shera sub-district of Afrin. She was married to Adnan Karata, a resident of the city of Azaz Place Qastal Jundu village, Rojava, Northern Syria Date 1/12/2019 Description She lost her life at the hands of the armed factions of the Turkish occupation, after …

71. Zuzan Balu

PlaceKobanê, Rojava, Northern Syria Date11/11/2013 DescriptionZuzan Balu lost her life in a terrorist bombing in the Military Hospital in Kobani